We all experience difficulties in our relationships and sexual lives at some point. Coping with sexual and/ or relationship problems can be difficult and make us feel very alone, self-conscious, angry or ashamed. Some people suffer for weeks, months or even years without discussing their worries with anyone including their partners.

  • Sexual difficulties are very common and have many causes such as:
  • Physical (the effect of illness, accident, surgery, age, disability or medication)
  • Psychological (anxiety, depression or other mental health problems)
  • Emotional (unresolved grief, or unhappiness due to other problems in the relationship)
  • Situational (they only happen under certain circumstances or at certain times)

Relationship difficulties are also very common, and can arise from many different situations faced by a couple. Most do not want to disclose difficulties out of shame, guilt or judgement, and feel that they should “sort it out between themselves”. Sexual difficulties can often be a symptom of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in the relationship, and may seem to emphasize the change in couple interaction reinforcing that something is not working.

There are professionals throughout the UK who are specially trained help individuals and couples with all kinds of sexual and relationship difficulties, whatever the cause, called sex and relationship psychotherapists.

If you’re reading this website you have probably considered therapy as a potential solution to your difficulty, and having to admit you need help can often be the hardest part. I can help to identify the problem and work with you to find a solution. Further information about the background of sexual and relationship psychotherapy, along with details about me and the therapy I provide can be found on this site, in addition to some frequently asked questions. If you would like further information please feel free to contact me directly using the details on the contact page.

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